Laera was born in 1966 in Milan, Italy. He began working in the fashion and beauty industry in Milan at the age of 16. Operating as a freelancer based in Milan, his work for publications such as Lei and Per Lui then under the creative directorship of Franca Sozzani provided him with an opportunity to collaborate with Koto Bolofo. Of that time he says, ''I had the opportunity to be part of the creation of an image, I was thrilled, fascinated and completely hooked by the process from the start''.

In 1987, Laera was introduced to and began working alongside Helmut Newton, becoming the youngest member of Newton's team at 20 years old.

Upon moving to New York City in 1989 he collaborated on projects with Newton, Albert Watson, Irving Penn, Brigitte Lacombe, Deborah Tuberville, Bert Stern, Greg Gorman and Annie Leibovitz.

While Art and Fashion is an enduring love and source of inspiration that informs his work, Laera, a great believer in living life to its fullest, has continuously sought out new challenges. Some notable experiences include being Photographer In Residence at Das Stadttheater Trier and the opportunity to work with a variety of different dance and theatre companies. In 2015 Laera had the privilege of being invited by the Mangueira Samba School in Rio de Janeiro to spend two months with them in order to document the preparation for Carnival and accompany the floats into the Sambódromo. Other reportage included chronicling the journey of Internationals Junior Gymnastics Olympic Team's both in training and competition over a two year period. The project One Chance documents this time.

Laera has been the subject of numerous group shows and contributes to a number of publications.

Vincenzo lives in Berlin.